Questions to Ask Before Shopping

In Questions to Ask Podcast, Episode 2, we explore the questions to ask before you buy any item. We know that we live a very consumeristic lifestyle and debt is a big problem in this country. 

We also know that when we go out shopping, we to blow our budget and buy things that are absolutely not necessary. And why do we do that? Simple, we are not truly honest with ourselves about why we are buying the item, and we don't know what is truly a want or a need. We just buy, buy, buy

To help you navigate this and get you tons of money back into your pocket, we've focused on the top 9 questions to ask before you embark on your next purchase journey. 

And as I promised in the episode, here is your wallet question ID that you should print out and make sure you keep in your wallet (preferably in front of your favorite credit card/ debit card). Before you purchase anything, read these questions. 

9 Questions - Shopping .001.jpeg

Before You Buy Anything

Ask these questions… It will save you tons of money!