How to Deal With a Difficult List- Part 2

Now what is a good hustle?

Well, that all depends on your market/industry. But the very basic definition is "to obtain by forceful action or persuasion."

Of course, no one buys by force but rather by keen insightful persuasion.

Our clients are very knowledgeable about what's in the marketplace and how to obtain it. And your job is to show them the value of your service/productThey have options. So a good hustle is one that you are top of mind at all times and provide insightful persuasion. How can you start doing this? 

1) Being where they are at at all times.

What does this mean?

Simply go to every event possible that provides you the opportunity to interact with your clients and know their business inside and out. This includes but not limited to- events, panels, any social media activations, industry conferences, watching any tent pole event that they are in, following them on LinkedIn, etc. Be everywhere they are....

And if by any chance there is no such thing for your client, then create it for him/her. Create an event for them to have a forum to discuss their business or an outing where they are commemorated for all the hard work he/she does. 

2) Ask yourself- "Would I?" 

If I was X, would I buy this?

Is this helping me?

What's in it for me as the client?

These questions will provide you a new perspective on what you should be telling your client and from where. Many a times as sales people, because we may not have a lot of time and have a budget to hit, we go in with cookie cutter information. Or provide services that really does not make sense for the client. The only way you will garner a relationship and maintain it is by thinking of your clients' needs vs. yours

People want to know the options they have to make an educated decision. They want to be educated on what is out there which will benefit them in the long run. Not what is best for you or your company.

3. Keep the relationship alive

Schedule "lunch and learns." These are hourly breakfast and lunches where you provide food and they come to listen about a topic of choice that will benefit them. These lunch and learns are mainly based on research, marketplace information and a hint or two on how your product fits into it.

You can also utilize these LL's as "social hours" as well. For instance, one of my colleagues is a mastermind on being top of mind. Of making himself in demand whenever any client is asking for anything in the marketplace. One of the ways that he does this is by hosting Meet and Greet Breakfasts/Lunches where he provides food (Achilles heel for everyone except in January when everyone is on a diet), and does games, give-aways or other during that hour. He gets the entire group to sign up his attendance sheet in order to get a prize. It works marvellously. Everyone loves going to the events, and in return he starts creating a relationship and staying top of mind. 

4. Use the phone to call

Yes, I know that we rather text or send email to communicate. But believe me when I tell you.... calling is effective. 

No, I'm not talking about cold calling. I'm talking about simply calling clients to catch up with them for a few minutes and perhaps provide some quick update on the industry or information that will benefit them. Actually have a conversation to know how they are doing and their world. 

I know that you most likely are saying, but no one picks up the phone anymore. That may be true but they will definitely pick it up for people they want to hear from. Become the person they want to hear from, and believe me you will have a client for life (even a friend). 

These are a few ideas but of course there are many more... So find your hustle, your style of being, your way to set yourself apart so that you can then find the magic word that will open up your list's gold.

Once you do that, you will be raking in the dough.




Let's face it, you started your brand new sales job, and you are ready to be rolling in deep. You say to yourself, how hard can it be? I can do this. 

On your first week, your sales manager sits down with you and goes over the expectations, your sales goal, and your list.

Ahh! your money making list.


You can smell the greens come out of that one. 

Then after two weeks of fervently calling everyone and trying to get a meeting, you start noticing that no one in your money making list is calling you back or returning your emails. It seems as though they don't care about how fantastic your product is and how easily your product or service will help them be in the Fortune 100 list in no time (ok, if you have this solutions you need to call me). 

So you start to wonder about the list and why no one is getting back to you. You may have a few accounts that bill, and that you can grow, but everything else has never wanted to buy or is not endemic to do business with your company. And you are wondering "why did I get this list if management knows that they don't do business with us?"

I will kindly answer that-

As a new sales employee, your manager is expecting you to be Rumpelstiltskin (well sorta). 

Photo by  Francisco Gomes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Francisco Gomes on Unsplash

You must spin gold out of hay. 

Yep, you've heard right... spin gold out of hay.... why? 

1) Your management will feel that a new person on the account may bring a new perspective and strategy to the list. And you (being new and all) may unlock the secrets or magic words to make the list make gold.

2) It builds trust and the skills needed to be part of an optimistic leading sales team.

Think about it, if you are able to make cash out of a difficult list you are able to handle ANY other lists. 

This was true for me at Latina... I started with the Remnant, DR and small beauty accounts that barely spent any money. However, with my ingenuity and my strive to not fail, I kept at the list and was able to bring it to life.

From the list, I learned the power of following up, the power of being constantly on top of my business (not someone else), the power of connecting with my clients personally, of knowing their business inside and out, and my enthusiasm.

It was a great experience and it taught me how to view and strategize to provide real value to my clients.

3) They want to make sure that you are will not fumble or be frazzle from the first objection you get.

So how do you become Rumpelstiltskin? 

There is a saying in business - when the masses are doing one thing you do differently.

Find the one thing that sets you apart. 

Latina Magazine reaches Bicultural Latinas in English. Back when I started Bicultural Latinas were not a trending topic or the target for many advertisers. We were in the forefront of what the industry is now realizing of how important is to target Latinas.


Because I was competing with the likes of Cosmo, Glamour, and all other Hearst and Conde Nast publications (to name a few), I knew that purely cold calling was not going to work. I needed to make a statement and set myself apart.

Because I knew that the front cover (Cover 1) is the most value asset in the print world,  I took a copy of our cover and I placed myself as the cover girl. The headlines where all related to why the magazine was the perfect match for any advertiser and a little bit about why I was fabulous.


To make it stick on people's desk- I made it a magnet and then sent it to everyone on my list (yes, I know I'm dating myself -snail mail and cubes was still a thing at that time- lol).

Along with the cover, I sent a personalized note stating how excited I was to be part of their team (the power of WE) and how I was going to do everything in my power to bring them value.

Because it was something different from the pack, and I came out of my comfort zone, I was no longer an "unknown."

When I called, I got "oh, yes Clara! I got your cover" and they would laugh. We would talk briefly about it and the rest is history. Perfect ice breaker indeed.

Think about it, you have to be able to think outside the box to be able to get noticed and secure the meetings and the relationships going. The minute you do that, you will be golden.

Bottom line- Do not do what everyone else is doing. Be different.



And don't forget we would love to hear how you made your list rain money. Let us know below. 





Follow Your Intuition

Follow your intuition because it's always right. Forget the noise, the sayings and everything in between.

The voice inside of you guiding you is the most powerful ability you have.

Feed it with knowledge, not alternative facts but quality knowledge. Be selective of what you feed it.

Use it


Follow it 

You will never regret it!  


How to Get Effective Internal Recommendations?

I've been fortunate enough to work in companies that have been on the lists of Best Companies to Work For. Because of that there has been many times when people I know have asked me to recommend them.

Of course, I happily comply when I feel that they are perfect candidates.

However, I've noticed a trend among some of the requests lately- they just forward their resume to me without an explanation of the why. WHY they may be a great fit? WHY they may want the job? WHY they excel at what they do? 

All I've been getting is " Hi Clara, thank you for your help on this! Here is my resume."


Oh no, no, no. This is not good.

Why? Because when I get these requests or resumes, I am not able to go above and beyond to recommend them. And believe me when I say, I WANT TO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND on any recommendation I make. Yes I may be willing to recommend you, but I may not know what I should hone in based on your job of interest. 

Also, hiring managers and recruiters like to see that the person to an extra step in describing themselves and why they want the selected job.  Even if they love me, and trust my word, they want to know that the candidate will indeed be a good hire and will bring value to the company by the actions they take. They want proof that who I am recommending is definitely who I say they are. 

So how do you ensure that you get recommended effectively?   

  • Before reaching out to the person who is recommending you, make sure to know and understand the jobs available. Therefore, search for jobs available in your field that are open in the company.
  • Once you've picked the job you are interested in, jot down the job number (or title), what requirements and qualifications best match yours, and write how your experience adds value to what they are looking for and why you are the perfect candidate.  
  • Then treat your email like your cover letter by providing the information above.  (MOST IMPORTANT!)
    • In the email, include the position name and the three points showcasing why you would be the best selection
    • Make it conversational
    • And make it succinct (get to the point)
  • Lastly, don't forget to follow up with a thank you for forwarding your resume, and ask for who to follow up with. This step is very important so that you can then take the ownership back in your search. 

Now, lets say there is an opportunity that your friend tells you its coming up, and there is not enough information about. I know that this can be harder, but still follow the steps above and do one of the following: 

  • highlight what you know your strengths are/any achievements in your current job
  • focus on the interpersonal portion of it - effective communicator, the best strategist/leader in the world, math genius, etc. 
  • Match your core values with the companies - what you you believe makes you an effective candidate

Remember, the person that recommends you is as strong as what you arm him/her with. This is true even if your BFF is recommending you.

By doing this, you won't miss your opportunity to be on top (since most people are considered through an effective internal recommendation), and it makes sure that the person who recommends you will do it again in the future. 

Get Your Emails Read

Imagine, the amount of emails our clients or agency partners may get in one day? I remember when I met a client of mine, and within eight minutes of meeting her,  she mentioned  that she had received 45 emails. Come to think about it, that is one email every eleven seconds!

We all know everyone is strapped for time, and many don't have the patience to read through a novel of an email or boring blah, blah emails.  So you have to make your email stand out and get to the point, FAST

How can you get your email noticed and read?

Be Simple

Don't write a dissertation. Write quick emails that are written with the reader in mind. No one cares if you scored a 1600 on your SATs (kudos if you did, by the way). Instead write like you are writing to a 5th grader. Yep, a 5th grader!

People are simple creatures that want things quick and easy. They want to read things that are in lament terms. So use everyday words that everyone can understand. 

Be Succint

Create a twitter like writing, where less is more, and the focus is on value. When you are writing your email tell yourself that you only have a limited amount of characters to utilize. This way, you force yourself to get to the point with less words

Make it Visually Attractive

No one likes to read long and boring emails. Use visuals to help you carry out your message. Do you remember how Kim Kardashian broke the Internet? Yep, a photo. So include a photo or utilize a simple yet visually appealing template for your emails. You may not break the internet with your visuals, but it will definitely help the recipient. Microsoft has a few templates for newsletters-use those (click on image below for some options). 

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you don't want to use a template. That is quite ok, too.  Instead highlight in bold the important points so that your time strapped clients can read everything quickly, and be able to act quickly on them.

Also structure your email like an outline so that way its easier to follow and read. 

Have your own voice (i.e. use Humor, people! Don't be boring. What do you have to lose?)

First and foremost, be mindful of who you are writing to. Your contact should dictate how your tone should be. If you don't know him/her, then the best next thing is to go to LinkedIn and see who he is and how his profile is structured. You can tell a lot about a person based on what they share, their picture, and what they write on their profile. 

Once you determine this, then infuse your personality into your writing.  People do business with the people that they like, and you have to portray your amazing personality.  Many a times, your email is your first impression.  Make a good and lasting one.