Today is the Day- Tax Day

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Oh Happy Tax Day!

Today is the day.

Today is the deadline for filing your taxes!

And hopefully you get a return back or don't owe anything.

What we prefer is that you don't owe anything because that means that you did not give the Federal Gov a free loan with your money, and that means you planned your taxes amazingly well.

If you are in this category -CONGRATS!

But, if you are receiving a return, still good!

Here are the many ways to utilize your taxes (and no the list does not include to use it or a vacation- sorry but not sorry):

1.🚩 Pay off some debt

2..🚩 Automatically transfer it to an online savings account with a high interest rate (yes, you may need to open a new account, but if that means more in your pocket, then so be it)

3. .🚩 Save it in your emergency fund

4. .🚩 Pay off all or some of your rent - this will give you some wiggle room and less worries - also you can you the saved rent money into paying off your debt or saving it (you see the where we tie it back

5..🚩Use it to pay off school tuition or to get a certificate or accreditation so that you get paid more in your job/venture

6. .🚩Put it into your 401K, IRA, RothIRA or any other investment

Remember the point of your taxes return is not to use it as a vacation savings account, rather use it correctly and to catch up on any expenses that you were not able to afford.