Cash is King


We’ve heard the saying…

Cash is King. And yes, it is true, cash is king.

But Cash is also a strong motivator to not use it as often. You see the more you use cash, the less you will like to use it. I’m sure you are scratching your head right now, saying “What?” No I don’t.”

But think about it, the last time you used cash to buy something and you see the money going out your hand, how do you feel?

All of the sudden everything seems expensive (yes, even a dollar item) and you want to keep the majority of it in your pocket. So you think twice about the purchase, you ask is this really necessary (in which most of the time, you take things off your cart at that point), and then you only buy what you can.

Therefore, cash is definitely king. It controls and helps us at the same time. It quickly helps us access how much we truly have, in what we should truly spend it on, and how much we want to keep it.

This is the reason why Financial Divas use it more often until they are debt free and have learned the basics of financial literacy. They know that they have to put away the credit cards and commit to cash for their well being.

Next time that you go out, make sure to use cash for it, and you’ll see how cash is king. :-)